Val Gardena: So much tradition and culture to discover

The history of Val Gardena is one of the most complex of the Dolomites. The stark influence of the woodcarving art and the evolution to one of the most known touristic destinations of the Dolomites make it a very interesting topic for every history aficionado.


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The tradition of the woodcarving art, which has been the most important economic driver for the past 300 years, has made Val Gardena known across the world already hundreds of years ago. On top, the ski world cup in 1970 has really put Val Gardena into the spotlight of the sporting scene and opened the gates for tourists from the whole world.


The wonderful ladino language, which is spoken in the 5 valleys of the Dolomites as well as in some parts of Switzerland and Friuli, is the heart of the culture in Val Gardena. The identity of each inhabitant in Val Gardena is marked by the fascinating language that is only spoken by such a small amount of people in the whole world.

During the various parades across the summer, you will be able to see the various historic costumes, which are displayed and showcased.


The Museum Ladin in Ortisei is a true treasure for the history of Val Gardena. It is totally worth a visit to discover the masterpieces of the woodcarving history that have marked the evolution of Val Gardena and its economy.